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Xenon Arc Test

Application examples:

  • XENOCHROME 320 with Suprax cylinder to simulate solar radiation behind window glass: 
    • XENOCHROME 320 mit Supraxzylinder zur Simulation  der Sonnenstrahlung hinter Fensterglas
    • XENOCHROME 300 with Suprax cylinder for the simulation of outdoor solar radiation according to CIE Publication No. 85 , Table 4 , at low temperatures
  • 10 window glass filters and Suprax cylinders to simulate solar radiation behind window glass for exposures at high temperatures (e.g. automotive - interior parts hot exposures)
  • Weathering of photovoltaic elements
  • Weathering of colour pigments
  • Weathering of specially coated wood
  • Weathering of various materials from the construction industry (also renovated or newly coated facade elements)
  • Weathering of specially coated boat parts from the shipbuilding industry
  • Weathering of lacquers and paints on various surfaces (glass, metal, plastic)

Device configuration:

  • UV - weathering / resistance testing device with sample basket rotating around the radiation sources (3 pieces) in the range 300 to 400 nm
  • 3 air-cooled xenon spotlights of 2800 W each
  • 4000 cm2 Sample chamber capacity
  • XENOSENSIV sensor for measurement and control of irradiance in the range 300 - 400 nm and SST at sample level
  • Control of the sample chamber temperature and the SST
  • Air volume control to influence the temperature difference between sample chamber temperature and the SST
  • Ultrasonic humidification system
  • Sample spraying system
  • Microprocessor control
  • Parameter monitoring
  • Touch screen with colour display for showing test status and graphical paraneter history
  • Programmable synchronous or helical operation
  • Interface RS232 , USB and memory card
  • Sample compartment heating
  • integrated water tank ( 60 litres )
  • Measurement and control of the sample room humidity

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