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Surface Technology

Coating Thickness Gauge Quint Sonic

Examples of use:

Non-destructive measurement of:

  • Paint, plastic, glass, enamel and other coatings on wood, plastic, glass, metal and ceramics
  • Metal layers on plastic, ceramic and wood
  • Up to 5 layers in one measuring process

Also suitable for determining the wall thickness.

Device configuration:

  • precise coating thickness gauge according to the ultrasonic pulse-duration method
  • Measurement of up to 5 layers in one measuring process
  • Measurement of polymer layers such as paints, varnishes and plastics is possible as well as the measurement of glass, ceramic or metal layers on almost any substrate. Paint on plastic, copper on ceramic, plastic on wood or glass on metal are typical layer systems
  • Intelligent evaluation of the measured ultrasonic signal enables a fast measurement value recording of more than 40 measurements per minute

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Quint Sonic


Dr. Tina Toelke

Surface Technology
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