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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

The Team of the Department
Primer and Chemical Surface Treatment

We are an engaged team of scientists, engineers, technicians and laboratory assistants, with many years of experience in areas such as: surface treatment, bonding technologies, composite systems, associated materials and technical equipment. You can find a selection of our skills and expertise here ⇒
In addition to research cooperation and consulting, our range of services also include material, product and process development, laboratory tests and analyses, as well as sampling and feasibility studies.
We would be pleased to provide you with a customized offer. For inquiries and further information, please feel free to contact us.


Technical and Scientific Staff

NamePhoneE-mail address
Dr. Torsten Angermann+49 3641 2825 19e-mail
Andreas Brandl+49 3641 2825 80e-mail
Michael T. Herz+49 3641 2825 16e-mail
Dr. Evelyn Kaemmer+49 3641 2825 57e-mail
Dr. Michael Kunert+49 3641 2825 19e-mail
Dr. Joerg Leuthaeusser (Head of Department)+49 3641 2825 48e-mail
Eva-Maria Mautner+49 3641 2825 38e-mail
Dr. Petra Nowakowski+49 3641 2825 19e-mail
Annette Piel+49 3641 2825 47e-mail
Nancy Scheunemann+49 3641 2825 38e-mail
Joerg Walther+49 3641 2825 80e-mail
Dr. Jana Wintzer+49 3641 2825 18e-mail



Dr. Joerg Leuthaeusser

Head of Department
Primer and Chemical Surface Treatment

Phone: +49 3641 2825 48