Magnetic & Optical Systems

Skills and Expertise

Department "Magnetic and Optical Systems"

The department "Magnetic & Optical Systems" performs both basic and application oriented research and development, in selected fields of magnetism, optics and crystal growth.

With many years of experience, we offer research and development services for small and medium-sized industrial enterprises. Based on magnetic and/or optical materials, systems, processes and specific solutions are developed and brought into production, in collaboration with (partner) companies.

The flexible integration of our working fields, ensures alternative applications and unusual combinations of different effects. Synergy effects, through cooperation with the other research departments at INNOVENT, increase the range of applications.

Our cooperation with leading international research institutions at home and abroad, ensures the innovative level of our work. With a direct connection to the industry, which includes small and medium-sized enterprises, we can ensure fast technical implementation of products and processes.

Rocco Holzhey, M.Sc.

Head of Department
Magnetic and Optical Systems

Phone: +49 3641 28 25 15