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Close to the customer - application-oriented - purposeful

Atmospheric pressure plasma processes have a high potential in the fields of surface pretreatment and thin film deposition. We offer our own qualified knowledge, our technical possibilities in INNOVENT laboratories, and experience stemming from close "user forum atmospheric pressure plasma" partners.

If you are thinking about installing atmospheric pressure plasma tools in your production process – feel free to contact us! Let's work together to implement your ideas. Your customer satisfaction is important to us!


  • Surface pretreatment and plasma cleaning
  • SiOx-based thin films for adhesion promotion
    • Adhesion promotion
    • Transmission improvement and anti-reflective coatings
    • Corrosion protection
  • SiOx-based composite coatings for
    • Protection coatings against plagiarism as well as for track & trace applications
    • Hydrophobic and hydrophilic coatings
    • Antimicrobial and fungicide surfaces
  • "Non-SiOx-based" coatings
    • TiOx for catalytic applications (e.g. "easy-to-clean“)
    • SnOx for sensor applications and other TCO coatings
  • Powder treatment
  • Cold plasma spraying
  • Combination of plasma tools with alternative surface treatment techniques like lacquering, printing, sol-gel or electrochemical methods


Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Technical Center

In 2015, a new atmospheric pressure plasma technical center was established at INNOVENT. A wide variety of plasma sources from different manufacturers enables us to develop customer-specific solutions in the field of atmospheric pressure plasma treatments and coatings. Based on these first solutions, INNOVENT offers on-site R&D activities. Please feel free to contact us!

More information

User Forum Atmospheric Pressure Plasma ak-adp

In 2009, INNOVENT initiated the user forum ak-adp. Presently, we have organised more than thirty workshops and reached more than 1400 interested persons.

„ak-adp“ is an abbreviation for Anwenderkreis Atmosphärendruckplasma (user forum atmospheric pressure plasma). The ambition of this conference series is to bring manufacturers, R&D developers, as well as applicants together for helpful discussions about the plasma technology itself. We initiate joint research for useful technical solutions. Furthermore, we seek to broaden the view on specific topics through the interaction of experts stemming from different industrial fields. We organize approx. 2 to 3 workshops per annum.


INN-O-KULTUR – Atmospheric Pressure Plasma in the Field of Cultural Heritage

The forum Inn-O-Kultur is a networking platform, designed to bring together experts from: restoration/conservation, R&D associations, collectors from museums and archives, cultural and educational policy, as well as colleagues from the surface engineering field. In certain workshops, different problems in the field of cultural heritage are analyzed and interdisciplinary solutions and approaches are developed.

Currently, in the field of atmospheric pressure plasma, investigations are also being carried out concerning corrosion protection on light metals and decomposition of harmful substances on wooden art objects.

Team Plasma Engineering

Dr. Andreas Pfuch

Surface Technology
Team Leader
Physical Technologies

Phone: +49 3641 282554