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User Forum Atmospheric Pressure Plasma: Technology Platform for Industry and Research

The user forum atmospheric pressure plasma (ak-adp) sees itself as a nationwide practical exchange platform for all ideas and problems related to the technology of surface treatment with physical plasmas at atmospheric pressure.

The central task is to link the requirements of the technology users with the potentials of the technology developers.

The ak-adp was founded in 2009 and offers a podium for topic-specific knowledge and experience exchange. Scientists are in direct contact with representatives from industry and plant manufacturers.


Atmospheric pressure plasma: effective tool for adhesion improvement

Adhesion optimization is the main field of application of atmospheric-pressure plasmas that has been established industrially so far. The focus is constantly on new functional requirements for surfaces for various applications and material combinations.
Good adhesion is the basis of all bonding and coating processes and other composite technologies. Adhesion depends on the materials used and the ratio of the surface energies of the materials and substances to be bonded. By using atmospheric pressure plasmas, the surface energy of plastics and films as well as other materials such as glass, ceramics, metal and wood can be changed in a targeted manner. If the treatment parameters are chosen accordingly, atmospheric-pressure plasmas are a fast, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.


Functional nano-coatings on various materials

Atmospheric plasmas offer the possibility of applying coatings in the nm range by adding precursor substances. This is a CVD process in which the precursor substance is chemically converted on contact with the plasma. Typical coatings are glassy amorphous SiOx layers, which vary in flexibility, porosity and morphology / topography depending on the choice of parameters. The layers can be made multifunctional by adding nanoparticles or dispersions.


Multi-function tool atmospheric pressure plasma

In the last few years, atmospheric plasmas have expanded into many fields of application.


Application of physical plasmas at normal pressure in medicine and medical technology

Plasma medicine is a very young field of research. Initial studies have shown that physical plasma can be successfully used, for example, to fight multi-resistant germs and treat chronic wounds. Furthermore, plasma applications play an important role for the decontamination of temperature-sensitive materials and for the functional coating of implant surfaces.

Clear and direct exchange of experience: our workshops

The main focus of the ak-adp's activities is the organisation of workshops for networking of interested parties and information transfer. For this purpose, the events take place in different regions of Germany. The event program offers presentations on current topics and a wide scope for discussions and exchange of experiences on two days. Furthermore exhibition stands and the presentation of posters are possible.

Additional Information

The focus of the user forum atmospheric pressure plasma is:

  • the presentation and discussion of current research projects
  • the presentation of industrially implemented applications of atmospheric plasmas
  • the demonstration of plasma system technology and development trends
  • a broad exchange of ideas and experience with the premise of passing on experience to technology newcomers


The aim of the user forum atmospheric pressure plasma is:

  • intensive networking of scientists, engineers and plant constructors
  • initiation of practice-oriented research and development projects
  • spreading information about the advantages and possible applications of atmospheric pressure plasma as an alternative environmentally friendly technology in industry



The User Forum Atmospheric Pressure Plasma conducts 2 workshops per year, which are dedicated to a specific technical focus, such as the improvement of adhesion of plastic surfaces or functional nanocoatings.


Next dates:

24 - 25 February 2021

Location: Bamberg / Bavaria

Topic: Future Arena Plasma Technology: Needs - Trends - Visions


16 - 17 June 2021

Location: Leipzig / Saxony

Topic: Atmospheric plasmas: THE clean solution for adhesion problems


In addition to the workshops on technical applications of atmospheric plasmas, a workshop on the special topic of plasma medicine is held every 2 years. Representatives from research and medicine meet here to discuss the latest research results for the use of physical plasmas in medical technology and for the direct treatment of patients and to establish plasma medicine as an independent therapy method.


Next date: September 2021

Location: Magdeburg / Saxony-Anhalt

Topic: Physical plasmas and plasma-treated media for clinical practice

In cooperation with the National Centre for Plasma Medicine NZPM

The workshops are complemented by a further training programme specifically aimed at representatives from industry with little or no experience in working with atmospheric plasmas. The advanced training course "Plasma technology in the triad of theory, practice and analysis" imparts basic knowledge and application experience in a compact and comprehensible way.

Next date: on request

Location: Jena

Topic: Plasma technology as a triad of theory, practice and analysis

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