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Mobile Plasma Systems

Atmospheric pressure plasma jets and DBD - based plasma systems offer various possibilities. With them it is possible to create local and areal pre-treatments or coatings on a variety of material surfaces.

In plasma jets, the gas discharge is usually ignited in a rotationally symmetrical plasma nozzle and driven out by compressed air.

In DBD plasmas, on the other hand, a high-frequency dielectrically barrier discharge is ignited. Between the two mostly planar electrodes there is a dielectric, which serves as a dielectric barrier. In this way, the plasma burns as small spark discharges, which can be used for surface treatment.

Most of the commercially available systems work with compressed air.

Plasma systems are usually firmly integrated into the production process. INNOVENT offers the possibility to convince yourself of the advantages of plasma treatment wherever you like. Because of the mobile technology it is possible to practical test the atmospheric plasma technology directly in your production process. Further advantages are: the possibility of using plasmas on installed or non-moving objects, the use in places where there is no stationary compressed air supply and the processing of more complex components.

For the mobile use of our plasma systems only a 220V power supply is required, the compressed air supply is provided by INNOVENT through suitable compressor technology.


Examples of possible applications:

  • Pre-treatment, activation and cleaning of e.g. plastics, glass, metal, ceramics directly at the customer’s
  • Application of plasma-based coatings (SiO2, TiO2, ZnO, SnO2) on almost all material classes
  • Mobile use on stationary objects

The selection of different plasma systems is possible after prior consultation.

Dr. Andreas Pfuch

Surface Technology
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