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The flame treatment is ideally suited for numerous applications in the area of surface modification. The surfaces of polymers, for example, can be activated by means of flames for subsequent coatings, varnishes or bonds. By doping the flame with a precursor, thin layers or layer systems with thicknesses from a few nanometers to a few hundred nanometers can be applied under atmospheric pressure conditions.

One advantage of this technology is the ability to treat large surfaces quickly and inexpensively, with few restrictions on the substrate materials.

The classic area of application for flame pyrolysis is SiOx deposition (Pyrosil). For some years now, numerous other metal oxides and noble metals, in their pure form or as nanoparticle composites, have also been successfully deposited. The various controllable process parameters allow influencing the structure and morphology of the deposited layers. This allows adaptations and new developments for a number of different applications and offers great innovative technology potential.



  • Surface activation
    • Improvement oft he weattibility and creation of functional groups on the surface
  • SiOx-based layers and SiOx-based composite coatings for
    • Adhesion improvement of glue, paints, varnishes, water repellants
    • Hydrophilic surfaces, increase in wettability
    • Broadband anti-reflective coatings
    • Barrier layers against the diffusion of oxygen or alkali ions
    • Antimicrobial and fungicide surfaces
  • Development specimen
    • Zincoxide (transparent-conductive layer)
    • Tungstenoxide (elektrochromic switchable layer)
    • Titaniumdioxide (optical effects, Photokatalysis)
    • Cobalt oxide, manganese oxide
    • Silver as metal layer or nanoparticle (optical effects, electrical conductivity, seeding)
    • Gold nanoparticle (catalytic effects)
    • Palladium as nanoparticle (seeding)
    • Corrosion protection

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Surface Technology
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