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Flame Treatment

The flame treatment of surfaces is one of the core competences of INNOVENT. The main focus in the team of flame technology is on the deposition of thin films, or coating stacks, with thicknesses ranging from a few nanometers to some hundred nanometers - under atmospheric pressure conditions. Furthermore, surfaces, especially of polymers, are modifiable by flame treatment without any deposition of films.

An advantage of this technology is that large surfaces can be covered quickly and cost efficiently, in a continuous in-line process. Hereby, the limitations of substrate materials are small.

Besides the conventional application field of the flame-pyrolytic deposition of SiOx (Pyrosil ®), the palette of film materials has been continuously expanded on within the last few years. This now includes a wide variety of metal oxides and noble metals. These substances can be deposited as a pure film, or as nanoparticles within another matrix material (e.g. Ag nanoparticles in SiOx). The versatile parameters of the flame treatment process, allow a control of the structure and morphology of the deposited coatings. This provides adjustments and new developments of a number of different applications, and presents a highly innovative technology potential.



  • SiOx based coatings:
    • Adhesion promoters for glues, lacquers, dyes, hydrophobic agents
    • Hydrophilic surfaces, improvement of wettability
    • Broad band anti reflex coatings
    • Barrier layers against diffusion of oxygen or alkaline
  • SiOx-based composites:
    • Corrosion protection on light metals (e.g. by magnesia phosphate)
    • Antibacterial effects (by Ag- or ZnO nanoparticles)
    • Optical effects (e.g. selective absorption)
    • Catalysis applications
  • Metal oxides:
    • Zink oxide (transparent conductive layers)
    • Tungsten oxide (electrochromic switching coatings)
    • Titanium dioxide (optical effects, photo catalysis)
    • Cobalt oxides, manganese oxides, rare earth oxides
  • Noble metals: 
    • Silver as metal film or as nanoparticles (optical effects, electrical conductivity, seeding)
    • Gold nanoparticles (catalytically effects)

Team Flame Treatment

Dr. Andreas Heft

Surface Technology

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