SURA Instruments GmbH

SURA Instruments GmbH is a worldwide leading manufacturer of equipment and materials for surface pretreatment and activation. The core technology is the patented PYROSIL® process, also called flame silicatization.

In 1985, scientists at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, in cooperation with Heraeus Kulzer GmbH & Co. KG and under the direction of Prof. Dr. Tiller and Prof. Dr. Musil, started the development of an adhesive dental bond. The company was founded 12 years later. Since then, SURA has been cooperating closely with INNOVENT e. V.



Matesy GmbH

Founded as a spin-off of INNOVENT e. V. in 2008, Matesy specializes in the visualization, characterization and generation of magnetic fields. In addition, magnetic properties of matter are used for various applications, such as: the three-dimensional localization of magnetically marked particles and objects, the targeted release of active substances in the human gastrointestinal tract, the intelligent testing of safety features and material development.

Matesy develops and produces systems and technologies at the highest level. This secures their claim of qualitative market leadership in this segment of magnetic research.

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