Developments and Projects

Industry: Electronics Industry

OFT-010 Development of Focussing Ultrasonic Transducers. Analysis and Metallization of Piezo Components

INNOVENT offers the development of suitable coating solutions and layer systems according to the application purpose and the required properties.

Reference No. OFT-010

OFT-017 Electrically Conducting and Gas-sensitive SnOx- Thin Films Deposited by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

The investigation on the deposition of SnOx coatings shows a favorable sensor activity of the layers.

Reference No. OFT-017

OFT-023 Development of Application-Oriented Coatings for Textile Materials Using Wet Chemistry

The application on textiles allows for the removal of disturbing textile additives, as well as a new finishing with suitable substances.

Reference No. OFT-023

OFT-026 Separating Layers for Plastic Molding

The sol-gel coatings developed to date, work excellently for molded parts with simple geometries.

Reference No. OFT-026

OFT-027 Functional Sol-Gel Coatings

With the use of sol-gel technology, it is possible to produce non-metallic inorganic or hybrid polymeric coatings.

Reference No. OFT-027

OFT-030 Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas for Pretreatment and Functional Coating

AD plasmas offer a wide range of application possibilities, which can be used universally for almost all material classes.

Reference No. OFT-030

OFT-032 Plasma Treatment of Powders and Improved Embedding Behaviour into Ni-Dispersion Coatings

Up to now, surfactants and dispersants containing fluorine have often been used in nickel electrolytes. Their use is subject to strict restrictions…

Reference No. OFT-032

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