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Publications of the Biomaterials Department

The results of our research work are documented in numerous publications: in renowned national and international journals, reference books and conference materials, and also in various patent specifications.

A detailed list of all publications, patent specifications and book contributions, can be found here.

Current Publications

V. Hintze V, M. Schnabelrauch, S. Rother:
Chemical Modification of Hyaluronan and Their Biomedical Applications.
Frontiers in Chemistry 10 (2022), 830671. Doi: 10.3389/fchem.2022.830671.

T. Laube, J. Weisser, S. Sachse, T. Seemann, R. Wyrwa, M. Schnabelrauch:
Comparable Studies on Nanoscale Antibacterial Polymer Coatings Based on Different Coating Procedures.
Nanomaterials 12 (2022), 614.

S. Möller, J. Theiß, T. I. L. Deinert, K. Golat, J. Heinze, D. Niemeyer, R. Wyrwa, M. Schnabelrauch, E. Bogner:
High-Sulfated Glycosaminoglycans Prevent Coronavirus Replication.
Viruses, 14 (2022), 413. 10.3390/v14020413.

S. Al-Maawi, S.Rother, N. Halfter, K. M. Fiebig, J. Moritz, S. Moeller, M. Schnabelrauch, C. J. Kirkpatrick, R. Sader, H.-P. Wiesmann, D. Scharnweber, V. Hintze, S. Ghanaati:
Covalent linkage of sulfated hyaluronan to the collagen scaffold Mucograft ® enhances scaffold stability and reduces proinflammatory macrophage activation in vivo.
Bioactive Materials 8 (2022), 420-434.

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