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Publications of the Biomaterials Department

The results of our research work are documented in numerous publications: in renowned national and international journals, reference books and conference materials, and also in various patent specifications.

A detailed list of all publications, patent specifications and book contributions, can be found here.


Current Publications

Y. Förster, S. Schulze, A. Penk, C. Neuber, S. Möller, V. Hintze, D. Scharnweber, M. Schnabelrauch, J. Pietzsch, D. Huster, S. Rammelt:
The influence of different artificial extracellular matrix implant coatings on the regeneration of a critical size femur defect in rats.
Materials Science & Engineering C 116 (2020), 111157.

M. El Khatib, A. Mauro, R. Wyrwa, M. Di Mattia, M. Turriani, O. Di Giacinto, B. Kretzschmar, T. Seemann, L. Valbonetti, P. Berardinelli, M. Schnabelrauch, B. Barboni, V. Russo:
Fabrication and Plasma Surface Activation of Aligned Electrospun PLGA Fiber Fleeces with Improved Adhesion and Infiltration of Amniotic Epithelial Stem Cells Maintaining their Teno-inductive Potential.
Molecules 25 (2020), 3176.

W. Kram, H. Rebl, R. Wyrwa, T. Laube, A. Zimpfer, M. Maruschke, M. Frank, B. Vollmar, G. Kundt, M. Schnabelrauch, B. Nebe, N. Buchholz, O. W. Hakenberg:
Paclitaxel-coated stents to prevent hyperplastic proliferation of ureteral tissue: from in vitro to in vivo.
Urolithiasis 48 (2020), 47-56.

V. Russo, M. El Khatib, L. di Marcantonio, M. Ancora, R. Wyrwa, A. Mauro, T. Walter, J. Weisser, M. R. Citeroni, F. Lazzaro, M. Di Federico, P. Berardinelli, C. Camma, M. Schnabelrauch, B. Barboni:
Tendon biomimetic electrospun PLGA fleeces induce an early epithelial-mesenchymal transition and tenogenic differentiation on amniotic epithelial stem cells.
Cells 9 (2020), 303.

J. Sapudom, K.-T. Nguyen, S. Martin, T. Wippold, S. Möller, M. Schnabelrauch, U. Anderegg, T. Pompe:
Biomimetic tissue models reveal the role of hyaluronan in melanoma proliferation and Invasion.
Biomaterials Science 8 (2020), 1405-1417.

M. El Khatib, A. Mauro, M. Di Mattia, R. Wyrwa, M. Schweder, M. Ancora, F. Lazzaro, P. Berardinelli, L. Valbonetti, O. Di Giacinto, A. Polci, C. Cammà, M. Schnabelrauch, B. Barboni, V. Russo:
Electrospun PLGA Fiber Diameter and Alignment of Tendon Biomimetic Fleece Potentiate Tenogenic Differentiation and Immunomodulatory Function   of Amniotic Epithelial Stem Cells.
Cells 9 (2020), 1207.

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