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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Casting Compounds

Casting compounds are often subject to very special requirements which cannot be sufficiently met by the products on the market. Our competencies include the adaptation of existing products and the development of new casting compounds, which are optimally specified to the application.

Important aspects in the optimization and development of casting compounds are the adaptation of the properties, such as: viscosity, shrinkage behavior, conductivity (electrical and thermal), as well as the inherent and adhesive strength of the requirement or application. In addition, temperature, hydrolysis, chemical resistance and corrosion protection, can also be included in the development.

The development and optimization of casting compounds are used, e.g., in:

  • Floors and walls for damp locations
  • Chemistry pan coating
  • Medical products
  • Potting electronic components

One of our focal points in the field of casting compounds, is the development of geopolymer products in combination with special organic polymers as hybrid systems.
Our developments result in highly coordinated 3-dimensional aluminosilicate gels, which are connected to an organic phase as an interpenetrating network. These exhibit the following outstanding properties:

⇒ Watertight, environmentally friendly, free of calcium hydroxide
⇒ Very high chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and organic solvents
⇒ High compressive strength and bending tensile strength, even without additional fiber reinforcement
⇒ Integration of very smooth carbon fibers possible
⇒ Excellent marginal seal between the filler grain and the aluminosilicate matrix

Dr. Joerg Leuthaeusser

Head of Department
Primer and Chemical Surface Treatment

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