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BMA-002 SynProXL

INNOVENT transfers your laboratory synthesis to industrial scale, and carries out process optimization and custom synthesis for you.

Reference No. BMA-002

OFT-013 Immobilization of TiOx Layers on Plastics

Titanium oxide (TiOx) coatings are photocatalytically active when exposed to UV radiation, i.e. radicals are formed which decompose organic…

Reference No. OFT-013

OFT-015 Functional Coatings on Wood and Wood-based Materials

Surface treatment technologies offer possibilities to provide functional coatings directly on the material surface.

Reference No. OFT-015

OFT-017 Electrically Conducting and Gas-sensitive SnOx- Thin Films Deposited by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

The investigation on the deposition of SnOx coatings shows a favorable sensor activity of the layers.

Reference No. OFT-017

OFT-019 Plasma – smart treatment. The Multitool for Textile Innovations at Normal Pressure

Due to its low thermal influence, APCVD also allows the treatment of temperature-sensitive materials such as textiles.

Reference No. OFT-019

OFT-020 Optimized Treatment Parameters in the Gas Phase Fluorination of Silicones

Optimized treatment parameters in the gas phase fluorination of silicones is reflected, according to the motto: As much effect as possible with as…

Reference No. OFT-020

OFT-023 Development of Application-Oriented Coatings for Textile Materials Using Wet Chemistry

The application on textiles allows for the removal of disturbing textile additives, as well as a new finishing with suitable substances.

Reference No. OFT-023

OFT-025 Design of Glass Surfaces With Powder Coatings

The application of a targeted surface activation enables the creation of particularly adhesive powder coating layers on glass surfaces.

Reference No. OFT-025

OFT-026 Separating Layers for Plastic Molding

The sol-gel coatings developed to date, work excellently for molded parts with simple geometries.

Reference No. OFT-026

OFT-027 Functional Sol-Gel Coatings

With the use of sol-gel technology, it is possible to produce non-metallic inorganic or hybrid polymeric coatings.

Reference No. OFT-027

OFT-028 Highly Corrosion-Inhibiting Steel Coating

A process combination of wet-chemical pretreatment and sol-gel corrosion protection coating with subsequent powder coating is a powerful tool against…

Reference No. OFT-028

OFT-030 Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas for Pretreatment and Functional Coating

AD plasmas offer a wide range of application possibilities, which can be used universally for almost all material classes.

Reference No. OFT-030

OFT-031 Ultra-thin, Fluoride-free Hydrophobic Layer

The hydrophobic layer is completely free of fluorine: only a few nanometers thin and abrasion resistant on glass-like substrates according to ASTM…

Reference No. OFT-031

OFT-032 Plasma Treatment of Powders and Improved Embedding Behaviour into Ni-Dispersion Coatings

Up to now, surfactants and dispersants containing fluorine have often been used in nickel electrolytes. Their use is subject to strict restrictions…

Reference No. OFT-032

OFT-033 Plasma Treatment of Sheet Glasses for Architectural Applications – Cleaning, Pre-treatment & Adhesion Improvement

Plasma pretreatment of laminated safety glass can increase important properties such as break resistance by up to 60% (compared to standard laminated…

Reference No. OFT-033

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