Resorbierbarer Polyurethanschaum

Research Area


Absorbable Foams

The synthesis of biocompatible and biodegradable polyurethanes and polyureas based on polyhydroxyesters is a main research area of the Biomaterials department.

Our research focuses on open-porous polymer foams, with optimized properties of biocompatibility and biomechanics, for potential use as cardiovascular implants (stents, occluders, heart valves), osteosynthesis materials (spinal implants) and soft tissue replacements (hernia occlusion).

These polymers are characterized by suitable elasticity, excellent cytocompatibility, low thrombogenicity and optimal ingrowth behavior. After they have fulfilled their respective function over a defined period of time, the polymers can be completely resorbed without releasing toxic degradation products.

The polyurethanes can be foamed in situ without damaging the surrounding tissue during foaming. The pot life of the bulk molding compounds is up to 5 minutes and complete curing takes about 30 minutes. In vitro absorption times are 10 to 40 weeks, depending on the monomers used.

Initial in vivo studies have already demonstrated good biocompatibility of selected in situ foamed polyurethanes.

Dr. Thorsten Laube

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