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Industry: Energy

OFT-013 Immobilization of TiOx Layers on Plastics

Titanium oxide (TiOx) coatings are photocatalytically active when exposed to UV radiation, i.e. radicals are formed which decompose organic…

Reference No. OFT-013

OFT-015 Functional Coatings on Wood and Wood-based Materials

Surface treatment technologies offer possibilities to provide functional coatings directly on the material surface.

Reference No. OFT-015

OFT-020 Optimized Treatment Parameters in the Gas Phase Fluorination of Silicones

Optimized treatment parameters in the gas phase fluorination of silicones is reflected, according to the motto: As much effect as possible with as…

Reference No. OFT-020

OFT-022 Combination of C-CVD and Sol-Gel Technology to Create Barrier Layers on Polymer Films

A combination of C-CVD and sol-gel technology can be used to produce relatively thin, flexible and smooth coating systems.

Reference No. OFT-022

OFT-025 Design of Glass Surfaces With Powder Coatings

The application of a targeted surface activation enables the creation of particularly adhesive powder coating layers on glass surfaces.

Reference No. OFT-025

OFT-030 Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas for Pretreatment and Functional Coating

AD plasmas offer a wide range of application possibilities, which can be used universally for almost all material classes.

Reference No. OFT-030

OFT-032 Plasma Treatment of Powders and Improved Embedding Behaviour into Ni-Dispersion Coatings

Up to now, surfactants and dispersants containing fluorine have often been used in nickel electrolytes. Their use is subject to strict restrictions…

Reference No. OFT-032

OFT-033 Plasma Treatment of Sheet Glasses for Architectural Applications – Cleaning, Pre-treatment & Adhesion Improvement

Plasma pretreatment of laminated safety glass can increase important properties such as break resistance by up to 60% (compared to standard laminated…

Reference No. OFT-033

OFT-034 Electroless plating of dielectric surfaces

Through the use of plasma techniques it is possible to avoid the use of pickling solutions and aggressive chemicals for the metallization of plastics.…

Reference No. OFT-034


OFT-035 - Analysis of plasma-, flame-processes and other radiation sources

Technology offer for the industrial sectors analytics, energy, medical technology, automotive, life science

Reference NO.: OFT-035

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