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Surface Technology

Modification of Mineral Fibers

Since the end of 2017, INNOVENT has had equipment technology for the production of mineral monofilaments, and is conducting research into their targeted modification to achieve specific properties.

Any mineral substance can be used as raw material for fiber production. Glass and basalt are commonly used substances.

The variation of certain fiber properties is achieved by:

  • Modification of the raw materials
    • Raw material selection
    • Mixture
    • Inclusion of additives
  • Modification of the deduction parameters
    • Temperature profile
    • Haul-off speed
    • Nozzle geometry
  • Modification of the fiber in an extraction process, through available in-house technologies

In addition to fiber production, future research will also focus on the use of certain basalts for other applications.



Filamentary fibers made of basalt rock, represent a cost-effective and ecological supplement (or even alternative) to other mineral or synthetic fibers. This is due to their high mechanical and thermal resilience, good chemical and UV resistance, and other unique properties. The natural raw material "basalt" is inexpensive, as well as almost unlimitedly, regionally available.

Basalt fibers are produced from characteristic basalt rocks, in a thermal melt spinning process, through the continuous withdrawal of (endless) filament fibers. The fibers can be used as filaments, rovings, technical yarns or short fibers, in all variants of the textile process chain. This way of producing and using basalt fibers is harmless to health, and particularly ecological.

Products that integrate basalt fibers can be used in many applications. Examples include applications, such as reinforcement in submarine cables, geotextiles or in sports equipment, as heat and flame protection material with acoustic damping properties, as well as reinforcing fiber in lightweight structural construction for organic sheets. Additional applications include metal-free reinforcement in concrete construction, and also visually high-quality architectural elements, or corrosion and fouling protection in waters.

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Surface Technology

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