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Surface Technology

Bonding Technology and Materials Testing

Application-specific investigations and practical tests of the adhesive strengths of bonding and coating materials, are carried out using suitable surface activation methods, such as flame pyrolysis, atmospheric pressure plasma and primer, or a combination of the methods. The adhesive is selected according to the materials to be bonded, their desired functionality and load-bearing capacity. Pretreatment, application and curing parameters, are tested and optimized in the course of the experiments. In addition to mechanical testing, composite quality is assessed by functional and durability tests. Load tests, such as climate change tests, salt spray tests, UV weathering, boiling tests and water storage, are of particular interest for the adhesive strength of coatings under weather conditions. Based on the results, processing proposals for bonding and coating processes are developed.



  • Optimum adhesive selection and surface activation, adapted to each material
  • Determination of the mechanical properties of composite materials, bonding and adhesion of functional coatings
  • Process-specific product recommendations



  • Tensile, compression and bending tests
  • Roller peeling test
  • Stamp tear test
  • Tension and compression shear tests
  • Rheology



All tests are carried out according to the current DIN standards

Dr. Tina Toelke

Surface Technology
Team Leader
Chemical Technologies

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