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Matesy GmbH

Matesy GmbH (magnetic technologies and systems) was founded in April 2008 as a spin-off of the research institution INNOVENT e.V. in Jena. Core competencies are innovative solutions for scientific instrumentation, this concerns especially magnetic, magneto-optical and optical technologies and systems. On the basis of the extensive knowledge of the employees in the field of magnetism and optics, mostly customer-specific solutions to corresponding problems can be realized. The product portfolio of Matesy GmbH is divided into 5 different company pillars.

Magnetic systems comprise tasks from the exact measurement of quality parameters of permanent magnets (M-axis), the generation of defined magnetic fields by means of Helmholtz coil structures, to the localization of magnetically marked objects in 3-dimensional space (MagTrack).

The second technological pillar of Matesy is represented by the Magnetooptical Systems. Among them are systems for visualization and analysis of magnetic fields, as well as for material testing of magnetic materials (CMOS-MagView) and for identification of manipulations of audio and video tapes (MOSES II) for forensic applications.

Further business areas are simulation software for the calculation of quasistatic and dynamic micromagnetic processes in thin multilayer layers (MicroMagus) and medical technology applications for the 3-dimensional localization (MAGMA) of a magnetic capsule, or for the additional targeted release (MAARS) of medical agents in certain sections of the human digestive tract. As last pillar optical measurement technology includes devices for the detection of twisted structures on waves (ShaftTwistTester), which have a negative influence on their density function and thus also on their functionality and service life.

Matesy GmbH is part of a complex scientific network of companies, research institutions and universities. The large number of scientific publications, including several book articles, as well as the active participation in congresses, trade fairs and further training courses underlines the entrepreneurial striving for professionalism and topicality of the work performed.

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