Research Areas

Development on 5 Pillars

Surfaces, Materials and Systems

INNOVENT is a non-profit, industry-oriented research institution from Jena, with the main focus on surface technology, biomaterials and magnetic & optical systems. The institute was founded in 1994, and currently employs about 140 people. The competences of INNOVENT are combined into five research areas:

  • Surface Technology
  • Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment
  • Magnetic & Optical Systems
  • Biomaterials
  • Analytics & Materials Testing

INNOVENT is active in various networks and clusters and is the initiators of: the Theme Days on Interfacial Engineering and Surface Technology (ThGOT), the User Forum Atmospheric Pressure Plasma (ak-adp) and the Inn-O-Kultur forum.

The company is also a founding member of the German Industrial Research Association Konrad Zuse.

Our 5 Research Areas

Surface Technology

Process development for the modification, coating or sterilization of surfaces

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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Surfaces and materials
investigation, development, treatment, coating and bonding

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Magnetic & Optical Systems

Magnetism, optics and crystal growing


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Synthesis and modification of biomaterials, characterization and application testing

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Analytics & Materials Testing

Analytical services and development of new materials

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Portrait von Herrn Dr. Bernd Grünler

Dr. Bernd Gruenler

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Dr. Arnd Schimanski
Deputy Director

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Portrait von Herrn Dr. Uwe Möhring

Dr. Uwe Moehring
Deputy Director

Head of Department
Strategic Controlling

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