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Single Jet Plasma Systems

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jets APPJ are very comfortable tools to locally modify a workpiece surface at ambient pressure conditions. Mostly the plasma discharge itself burns within a symmetric plasma nozzle and will be blowed out by the used gas pressure. Most of the commercially available plasma systems work with pressurized air.

Applying special precursor substances, these plasmas can be used not only for simple plasma pretreatment but also for coatings processes, too. INNOVENT has been working on this topic for more than ten years and today we are able to apply silicon, titanium or tin oxide thin films. At the moment, our research is focused on the development and application of composite coatings consisting of a silicon oxide matrix with additionally embedded functional nanoparticles.

The inline-capability of the APPJ process makes it very interesting for a lot of industrial applications.



Examples of possible applications:

  • Plasma cleaning before gluing or printing
  • Hydrophilic or hydrophobic coatings
  • Adhesion promoting coatings as well as antiadherent coatings
  • Thin films with embedded fluorescent markers
  • Antimicrobial and fungicid coatings
  • Corrosion protection layers
  • Photocatalytically active coatings based on TiOx
  • Sensor coatings based on SnOx
  • Highly photocatalytically active layers based on TiOx



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Dr. Andreas Pfuch

Surface Technology
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