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Surface Technology

X-Ray Fluorescence Unit Fischerscope®X-Ray XDV®-SDD

Examples of use:

  • Quantitative analysis of solid, powdery or pasty materials as well as liquids for up to 24 elements from Al (Z=13) to U (Z=92)
  • Measurement of layer thickness and composition of single layers and layer systems up to 24 different elements (max. 24 single layers)
  • Analysis of the substrate material through cover layers is possible under certain conditions
  • Line scan and raster scan are possible
  • Advantages:
    • simply
    • quickly

Device configuration:

  • Energy dispersive method
  • Tungsten anode with Be-window
  • Excitation voltage 10, 30 and 50 kV
  • Changeable primary filters (Ni, Al, Mylar®)
  • Changeable aperture [mm]: Ø 0.2, Ø 0.6, Ø 1.0, Ø 3.0  
  • Measuring spot size: Aperture size + approx. 10 %
  • Sample chamber [mm]: 150x370x320 [HxWxL]
  • Maximum movement path: 
    • X/Y axis [mm]: 250x250
    • Z axis [mm]: 140
  • Maxiumum sample weight [kg]: 20

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Fischerscope®X-Ray XDV®-SDD


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