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Surface Technology

Scratch Hardness Tester

Example of use:

  • Testing the scratch resistance and hardness of coatings (lacquers, paints) on test plates (metal, glass, wood, plastics)



Device configuration:

  • Scratch exposure of coatings by moving a weight beam with carbide tip loaded with a defined force over the sample at constant speed by motor operation
  • Score hardness corresponds to the force required to completely score the coating
  • Weight bar, marked from 0 to 1500 g, with movable weight for adjusting the stress
  • 4 additional weights of 1 kg each
  • Scribing needle with ball point made of tungsten carbide with Æ 1 mm, scribing knife according to Clemens with tungsten carbide cutting edge, pen with rubber coating

Overview of the Devices


Coesfeld Materialtest


Scratch Hardness Tester RH3


Dr. Tina Toelke

Surface Technology
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Chemical Technologies

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