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Surface Technology

Gravimetric Titrator – Alino®

Example of use:

  • Performing titrations and back-titra­tions without volume measuring devices (no burettes and pipettes)
  • Analysis methods at Innovent
    • Testing of electrolytes used in electropolishing with determi­nation of the sulphuric and phosphoric acid content
    • Testing of electrolytes used in electroless nickel plating with determination of nickel and hypophosphite content
  • Preparation: weighing, dissolving, stirring and diluting samples
  • Process and quality control of aqueous solutions in the coating procedure (pre-treatment, plating, finishing)


Device configuration:

  • PC panel with balance and integrated magnetic stirrer
  • Weighing range: 0,5 g – 2,2 kg
  • Readability and reproducibility of the balance: 0,01 g
  • Power of the agitator: 2–8 watts
  • Stirring frequency: 100–1000 U/min
  • Acceleration time: 5–40 s
  • Stirring quantity of aqueous solution: max. 1000 g
  • Other accessories: infrared burner Hypo3 for fast and contactless heating of sample and analysis solutions

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Surface Technology
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