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Surface Technology

Wear Test

Examples of use:

  • Scratch resistance of clear coats: use of CS10 or CS10F coating 125 g; optical evaluation
  • Mechanical abrasion: Harder Calibrase e.g. H18 or sandpaper strips
    • Determination of the abrasion in mg
    • Taber number: Abrasion in mg per 1000 revolutions
    • Determination of the removed layer thickness per 1000 revolutions

Device configuration:

  • Rotary table for square or round samples 1 revolution / s (constant)
  • Abrasion by means of Calibras rolls or rubber rolls with self-adhesive sandpaper strips S 42
    • Calibrated rolls: CS10, CS10F, H18
    • rubber roll: CS0 available
  • Suction of the abrasion by means of a suction unit
  • Additional weights (front support unit) 500 g and 1000 g (250 g without additional weights)
  • Counterweights (rear support unit) to adjust 125 g support (for less load)

Overview of the Devices


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Surface Technology

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