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Rheometer – MCR 502 TDR

Examples of use:

  • Rheological and tribological analysis and material characterisation
  • Characterising tribological systems: Stribeck curves, static or limiting friction tests incl. breakaway torque, abrasion resistance
  • Lubricant testing and tribological dry measurements in case of self-lubricating features
  • Temperatures up to 600 °C for the examination of melts and (soft) solids
  • Quality control

Device configuration:

  • Rotational modular compact rheometer
  • Air-bearing-supported DC motor with permanent torque values up to 230 mNm
  • Controlled shear rate and shear stress
  • Normal force range of 0.1–70 N with 10-6–3000 rpm (corresponding to 10-8–1.4 m/s sliding speed)
  • Automatic gap control with measurement of the abrasion depth
  • Testing in air and in inert gas atmospheres
  • Convection temperature control CTD 600 TDR up to 600 °C
  • Solid rectangular fixture up to 12 mm
  • Tribological measuring system T-BTP
    • Convection temperature control CTD 450 TDR up to 450 °C
    • Ball-on-three-plates with ball ø 12.7 mm
    • Ball materials: stainless steel, glass, polyamide or polyacetal
  • Sample size: 15x6x3 mm

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