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Surface Technology

Jet Plasmas

In the field of surface technology, atmospheric jet plasma systems from various manufacturers are available. In addition to pure plasma activation, these can also be used to produce functional coatings. The necessary dosing technology (vaporiser, atomiser) for coating production is available. Different systems for sample handling (rotation, x-y positioning units, table-top robots) allow flexible processing of the samples or workpieces.


Jet plasma systems:

  • MEF - TIGRES GmbH, up to 500 W
  • MEF Multi-Blaster - TIGRES GmbH, 14 nozzles on 10 cm treatment width, up to 2800 W
  • CAT 600 - TIGRES GmbH, up to 600 W
  • T-SPOT S3 - TIGRES GmbH, up to 500 W
  • T-JET XW - TIGRES GmbH, 2 plasma heads with 7 cm treatment width each, approx. 600 W
  • PFW 10 - Plasmatreat GmbH, Universal OpenAir-Plasmajet, approx. 1000 W
  • Piezobrush PZ2 - relyon plasma GmbH, approx. 18 W
  • Piezobrush PZ3 - relyon plasma GmbH, approx. 18 W
  • kINPen 11 - neoplas tools GmbH, approx. 10 W


Dosing systems:

  • 2x MFC-controlled precursor dosing system STS 10 from Sura Instruments GmbH
  • Ismatec peristaltic pump and patented LARS atomiser unit for dosing liquid precursors, solutions, dispersions or mixtures
  • Evaporator up to 250 °C for dosing of evaporable liquid precursors


Sample handling:

  • x-y positioning units (velocity up to 500 mm/sec) from PASIM
  • UR5 table-top robot from Universal Robots
  • Rotation devices for the treatment of rotationally symmetrical components
  • Substrate heaters up to 300 °C (max. substrate size: A4) or up to 500 °C (max. substrate size: 15 cm × 15 cm)


Overview of the Devices

Dr. Andreas Pfuch

Surface Technology
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