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Surface Technology

Optical Microscope – Leica DMi8 C

Examples of use:

  • Microscopy and imaging for research applications
  • Incident light (IL) applications: brightfield contrast (BF), high-definition darkfield contrast (HDF), differential interference contrast (DIC)
  • Imaging by means of differential interference contrast, e.g. for visualisation of transparent objects
  • Automatized measurement of layer thickness after manual marking
  • Measurement of the grain size including lineal and circular intercept procedures after manual marking of grain boundaries

Device configuration:

  • Inverted optical microscope in a modular system
  • Manual reflected light axis incl. centerable and aperture iris
  • Contrast techniques: BF, HDF, DIC in incident light
  • Automatic calibration of recorded images
  • 6-fold objective turret for magnifications of 2.5x–100x incl. LED illumination
  • Fixed stage with object guide in X-Y movement range 83x127 mm

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Leica DMi8 C

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Surface Technology

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