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Surface Technology

ECMC – Electrochemical MiniCell

Examples of use:

  • Electrochemical investigations/ corrosion tests on samples and components in the laboratory/ on site
  • Recording of current density-potential curve of metallic materials
  • Measurement of the condition of metal surfaces (only comparative measurements possible)
  • Investigation of various sample sizes and shapes using small orifices and pipettes

Device configuration:

  • Transportable measuring system consisting of ECMC module and sensor
  • ECMC module: small potentiostat/ galvanostat with three electrode setup
    • Potential range: -3 V to +3 V
    • Maximum current: 10 mA
  •  Sensor: Paint test cell with integrated electrodes
    • Counter electrode: platinum wire
    • Reference electrode: saturated calomel electrode (SCE)
  • Contact between working electrode and electrolyte via measuring orifice (12 mm²) or pipette tip (0.8 mm²)
  • Any electrolyte suitable

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Surface Technology

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