Research Area

Surface Technology

Universal Testing Machine

Examples of use:

  • Determination of mechanical material characteristics, such as tensile, compressive and bending strength
  • Adhesion test of bondings, such as shear and roller peel test
  • Adhesion test of coatings (lacquers, paints) by means of a stamp tear-off test
  • Strain measurements, E-module

Device configuration:

  • Universal testing machine Inspekt table 50 kN (extended in height by 250 mm)
  • Load cells 50, 10 and 1 kN
  • Mechanical and pneumatic clamping devices for tensile tests
  • Testing devices for bending, compression, roller peeling and punch tear-off tests
  • Testing speeds: 0.01 - 800 mm/min.
  • Force, path and strain control

Overview of the Devices


Hegewald & Peschke


Inspekt table 50 kN


Dr. Tina Toelke

Surface Technology
Team Leader
Chemical Technologies

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