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Surface Technology

Hardness tester – Carat 930

Examples of use:

  • Hardness and micro hardness testing according to Vickers by diamond pyramid indentation
  • Testing of hardness profiles and generation of hardness mapping
  • Statistical data collection of the measured values and standardized documentation

Device configuration:

  • Testing method according to Vickers
  • Micro-processor driven load cell
  • Loading range HV 0.05 – HV 30
  • Total testing loading range: 0.0098–294.20 N
  • Fully automatic hardness testing and manual testing possibilities according to DIN EN ISO 6507/ ASTM E-384
  • Periphery scan for overview (dynamic real-time frame)
  • Köhler LED illumination and aperture diaphragm
  • 8-times objective revolver for 2.5x/ 5x/ 10x/ 20x and 50x magnification
  • Automatic X/ Y/ Z coordinate stage: 160/ 100/ 150 mm

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Carat 930

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