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Surface Technology

Videoextensiometer RTSS

Examples of use:

  • Determination of material properties in tensile tests
  • Contactless measurement of sample deformation/strain
  • The measured values are used, for example, to calculate force-elongation curves or force-voltage curves to determine the modulus of elasticity and the number of transverse contractions.


Device configuration:

  • Non-contact measurement of longitudinal and lateral strain for material testing in tensile and compression tests
  • Use of the system for flat or round samples with image fields of approx. 10mm to 1m
  • Use of the system with image fields up to 5m for rope testing
  • Measurement of strains from 0.0005% to 1000%
  • The RTSS (Real Time Strain Sensor) can be integrated into the testing machine as a strain sensor via various interfaces and thus operates fully automatically.
  • Offline evaluation modules are available for the determination of surface strain and crack lengths (e.g. for fatigue tests).

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Videoextensiometer RTSS


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Surface Technology
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