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Surface Technology

CGME – Controlled Growth Mercury Electrode

Examples of use:

  • Mercury drop electrode as working electrode for electrochemical investigations

    Advantage: constantly renewable metal surface both as static drop and continuously dripping
  • Polarography for the trace detection of electroactive organic molecules and various metal ions, e.g. for quality control of an analyte
  • Determination of redox potentials e.g. in the degradation of ascorbic acid

Device configuration:

  • Investigations on a continuously renewable drop of mercury
  • 3 modes available
    • CGME: Continuous growth of a mercury drop, computer controlled by a pulse sequence
    • DME: Constant drop growth/lifetime controlled by gravity
    • SMDE: Static mercury drop
  • Integrated magnetic stirrer with speeds of 50–800 rpm
  • Integrated gas purging with nitrogen

Overview of the Devices


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Surface Technology

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