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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Infrared Laser

The infrared Laser type CL100 fabricated by CleanLaser is mainly marketed for cleaning procedures. In the industrial sector, the laser is preferably utilized for decoating, de-painting and cleaning works. Furthermore, it is partially suitable for structuring and labeling.
The operating principle is based on the evaporation of dirt and/or top layers by the focused laser beam. At appropriate process parameters, the high power but simultaneously short laser pulses cause only a very low thermal load on the base material.

In addition to the known ones, INNOVENT is investigating the following fields of application:
- Laser based silicatization
- Chemical surface modification of non-laser-sensitive polymers

Device Configuration
Laser type: diode-pumped solid state laser
Wavelength:1064 nm
Power:5 - 100 W
Pulse frequency:50 - 200 kHz
Maximum pulse energy:1 mJ
Focus diameter: 55 - 130 µm
Beam profile:Gaussian / Top Hat
Working field size: max. 280 × 280 mm
Scan speed:  50 - 3000 mm/s


Due to the computer-controlled 2D scanning head, a high spatial resolution can be realized. Depending on the selected objective, the resolution is in the range of the focus diameter. The smallest possible image is a dot of about 55 µm. All geometric images respectively structures are created by combining single pixels.


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