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Color Sphere Spectrophotometer & Colorimeter

The color sphere spectrophotometer is a highly reliable device with 45° / 0° geometry and circular illumination. It measures with the same accuracy both rough, direction-dependent surfaces, granules or powders (such as plastic concentrates and resins), as well as smooth, uniform surfaces (such as varnish layers). A white standard or zero standard (black) serves as a reference.

Special Features of the Device:

  • Fast measurement without heating the samples
  • Interchangeable screens for samples of different sizes
  • Simultaneous determination of gloss and color

Application Examples:

Device Configuration:       

    • Tungsten halogen lamp with a correlated color temperature of 2854 K
    • Add-on: Minimization of infrared heating by means of an infrared absorption filter
    • 45° all round
    • Viewing angle: 0°
    • Reflective components: excluded
  • GLOSS: simultaneous measurement of color and gloss with an additional 60° gloss meter
    • 3 modes are possible:
      • Large emitted area: 32 mm sensor aperture
      • Medium-sized emitted area: 11 mm sensor aperture
      • Small area: 4 mm sensor aperture
    • Instrument type: 35 channel 45° / 0° spectrophotometer
    • Spectral range: 380 to 720 nm
    • Data acquisition: 10 nm interval
    • Pass Band pass: 10 nm
    • Polychromator: concave
    • Holographic grid
  • DETECTOR: Solid state silicon diode array

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