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Gloss Level Analysis

The micro–TRI–gloss µ device is a gloss meter for the standard geometry of 20° / 60° / 85° and measures gloss differences from matt to high gloss on varnishes, coatings and polymers. The sample surface is irradiated at a precisely defined angle and the reflected light is measured photoelectrically.

The coating thickness can be measured simultaneously at the same position if the substrate consists of a ferrous or non-ferrous metal.


Testing Standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 2813
  • DIN 67530
  • ASTM D 523
  • BS 3900 (Part D5)
  • JIS Z 8741
  • DIN EN ISO 2178
  • DIN EN ISO 2360
  • ASTM B 499
  • ASTM D 1400


Application Examples for the Determination of Gloss in:

  • Automobile industry ⇒ exterior & interior
  • Aviation industry ⇒ re-coating after falling below gloss level
  • Architecture & decoration industry ⇒ materials (e.g. marble, granite, tiles)
  • Printing & packaging industry ⇒ printing ink & paper
  • Instrument & enclosure construction ⇒ Piano finish & matting of surfaces for optical elements


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