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Scratch & Scribing Tools

By means of scribing tools it is possible to add defined damage to surfaces. The test pieces can then be subjected to various tests, e.g. the salt spray test.  By assesing the injured areas, information about the behaviour of the coating or the complete coating compound can be obtained and thus the quality of the coating can be assessed.

Sikkens Graver Typ 463

The Sikkens scriber is used to make defined damage points (scribes) on coated sample sheets for corrosion protection tests, such as salt spray tests according to DIN EN ISO 9227. This method enables an assessment of the extent to which the effect of corrosion infiltrates the coating, leading to loss of adhesion. The distance of the lateral infiltration serves as a measure of the corrosion protection effect.


Handcutter type 428 with Clement-test probe

The handcutter type 428 with a Clement-test probe is a scriber with a solid adapter block made of aluminium as scriber tool holder, which  insures the necessary scribing force for scribing through even the most hard paint surfaces. The profile of the scribe is rather flat and rounded compared to the angular Sikkens scribe, thus it leads less to edge spalling in brittle paint systems.



3D‑microscopic image inclusive preserved profile of the scratch

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