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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Drop Ball Impact Test

The ball impact test is used to determine the indentation resistance and the flexibility of coatings with rapid deformation. By determining the resistance to deformation, conclusions can be drawn about the elasticity and adhesive strength and thus about the quality of a coating.
The device is equipped with a special guide, which guarantees that the distance between two stroke depths complies with the standard. A dragon-fly ensures the correct positioning of the device.
A test sheet is placed under a punch and then the drop weight is dropped from a predetermined height onto the positioned punch. The tested substrate or coating is assessed according to the degree of deformation and destruction.

Application Examples:

  • Assess the resistance of a coating to cracking and detachment from the substrate
  • Impact resistance of substrates

Test Standard:

DIN EN ISO 6272 1

Device Configuration:

  • Punch:
    • 12.7 mm
    • 15.9 mm
  • Drop height: according to individual requirements (up to approx. 105 cm)
  • Full scale values ​​(depending on the unit):
    • 100 cm
    • 10 N·m
    • 90 bf·in

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