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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Digital Microscope System

The digital microscope VHX 6000 by Keyence is an optical microscope, which is ideal for analytical tasks and accompanying documentation because of its high-resolution camera (54 megapixel) and various functions such as side illumination, observation from different angles or high dynamic range (HDR) function. The possibility of 3 dimensional visualizations and extremely depth-sharp images of various measurement objects extend the potential of surface analysis enormously. Furthermore, analytical tasks such as step height measurement can be managed. Obtaining information from highly reflective or low-contrast objects is also enabled using various accessories and versatile imaging modes.

Measurement Range and Imaging:

-  Magnification: 20 to 2000×
-  Color depth: up to 16 Bit (HDR)
-  54 megapixels
-  3D imaging
-  Stitching of images
-  Area & volume determination
-  Analyses of contamination
-  Extract / measure according to color
-  Accentuation of surface features
-  Minimizing reflection
-  Multiple lightening modes (incl. dark field)

Application Examples:

-  Quality assessment of coatingse.g. regarding microbubble formation
-  Characterization of surface alteration due to radiation exposure
-  Fracture pattern analyses and measurement of surface profiles
-  Visual evaluation / control of surface modifications by “before and after” recordings

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Primer and Chemical Surface Treatment

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