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The temperature-controlled plate press is primarily used for the development of composite materials. An important field of application of the press is the production of test laminates, which are required to test bond strengths or to develop adhesives for press laminates and to test their effectiveness.
By selecting or designing suitable pressing tools, moldings, foils or composite parts can be produced with plastics, elastomers or composite plastics. The materials to be pressed can be present as granulates, powders, foils or sheet material. Various insert materials can be used for pressed composites, such as metal, glass, fiber-reinforced plastics or textiles.

Technical Data

  • Under-piston column press
  • Press unit:
    • Nominal pressING force: 316 kN
    • Press area: 300 × 300 mm
    • Hydraulic pressure: 10 bar to 280 bar
    • Max. distance between the press plates: 150 mm
  • Heating plates:
    • Electrical heating
    • Cooling air / water
    • Heating temperature: max. 450 °C

Application Examples

  • Pressing of shaped parts or films from granulate or powder
  • Production of press composites with plastics or TPE
  • Rubber vulcanization
  • Production of test composites of plastics or elastomers with metals or textiles, e.g. for adhesion tests (peel test, bending test, t-test)

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