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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Atomic Force Microscopy

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) can be used to measure interactions between the sample surface and a sharp probe tip mounted on a cantilever. Thus, information about the surface structure (topography) and local material properties (e.g. hardness / rigidity or adhesion) of the sample can be obtained with extremely high resolution on nanometer scale.

For this non-destructive imaging technique, only minimal sample preparation is required and the instrument design ensures user-friendly sample access from any direction.

Gerätespezifische Daten:

  • Resolution
    • Lateral: up to 1 nm
    • Depth resolution: < 0.3 nm
  • AFM modes
    • Contact mode
    • AC mode
    • Resonant intermittent contact mode
    • Amplitude and phase imaging
  • Piezo scanning stage
    • Positioning accuracy
      • x & y direction: < 1 nm
      • z direction: < 0.2 nm
    • Traverse path
      • x & y direction: up to 100 µm without manual displacement of the sample
      • z direction: 20 µm
  • Comfortable adjustment and easy exchange of the cantilever
  • Beam deflection module (980 nm, via single mode fiber connection)

The AFM is equipped with a Raman imaging microscope / spectroscope, so that in addition to surface analysis chemical information of the sample can be obtained. The sample does not need to be moved between the two measurements.


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alpha300 A
(combined with the Raman spectroscope alpha300 R  →  alpha300 RA)

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Primer and Chemical Surface Treatment

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