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Coating Thickness Measurement

The MEGA Check 5FN ST layer thickness measuring device implements the magnetic induction and eddy current measurement methods. The universal measuring probe FN-52A with both measuring principles is connected to the device.
Magnetic induction measurements include all non-magnetic layers (Fe) on iron and steel.
The thicknesses of all non-conductive layers on non-ferrous metals (NFe), such as. B. aluminum, brass, bronze, zinc, lead, copper, non-magnetic steels are determined by means of eddy current measurement.

Application examples of layer thickness measurement using

  • magnetic inductive measurement: all non-magnetic layer on iron and steel (Fe) such as paint, varnish, plastic, enamel, rubber, ceramic and galvanic layers except nickel
  • Eddy current measurement: all non-conductive layers on NFe such as paint, varnish, plastic, anodized, rubber etc. on aluminum, brass, bronze zinc, lead copper and non-magnetic steels

Test method:

  • DIN EN ISO 2360
  • DIN EN ISO 2178

Device configuration:

  • Measuring range:
    • on Fe: 0 to 5 mm
    • on NFe: 0 to 2 mm
  • Different calibration standards available
  • Measured value memory: 500 measured values ​​with statistical evaluation

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