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The used coating processes are very different due to their principles. For spin coating, flat (plane / even) materials like discs or metal sheets are particularly suitable. The volume requirements for coating material are very low.
For dip coating, both flat materials and a variety of geometric bodies are suitable. The required amount of coating material is initially comparatively high (filling of the dipping vessel), but the coating consumption is nevertheless comparable to the spin coating process.

Spin Coater

Spin Coater

Manufacturer:LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH

Spin Coaters are ideal tools for producing thin and ultra-thin coatings for many applications. Spin Coaters are used to apply coatings of reproducible thickness made of various materials (e.g.varnishes, polymers, primers, sol-gels, etc.) to almost any mechanically stable substrate (metals, glass, plastics, etc.). In spin coating, liquid or pasty substances are dosed onto the rapidly rotating substrate. A Due to the centrifugal forces, these substances are centrifugated / spinned radially outwards A thin substance film in the nm to µm range remains on the substrate.
The existing spin coater operates at an idle speed of up to 13,500 rpm and passive vacuum suction.

Dip Coater

Dip Coater (dip coating)

Manufacturer:Shimadzu / Köttermann
Model:EZ Test 500 N / Laminarflow 8580

Dip coaters are precisely working dipping devices, whereby the dipping speed and the dipping depth can be specified. The coating can be applied as a single or multiple coating.

All universal testing machines available at INNOVENT, in principle are also suitable as dip coaters. Thus, dipping speeds of 0.01 mm/min to 1000 mm/min can be realized. The Shimadzu EZ Test 500 N is the preferred choice, which enables a coating under low dust condition through the combination with a laminar flow box (Köttermann Laminarflow 8580).

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