The picture illustrate the Tribochemical pretreatment (mechanopriming) of PE and PP test specimens.

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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Mechanochemical Surface Treatment

Mass finishing as a work step is now integrated into many manufacturing processes for cleaning, deburring, rounding, grinding and polishing. Characteristic of mass finishing is the relative movement between abrasive media (chips) and work pieces, which leads to material removal. The abrasive particles are discharged by the solution (compound), which is also used for other functions, e.g. grease solution, support for material removal and corrosion protection. An optimal working result is achieved through the correct selection of mass finishing processes, chips and compound.

In addition to cleaning or mechanochemical activation, the mass finishing devices can also be used to test the mechanical resistance of adhesive bonds or coated test specimens.

For the implementation of projects and for the fulfillment of research tasks in this field of work, several machines were purchased which operate according to the principles of plate centrifugal finishing and vibratory finishing.

Barrel Finishing Device using Plate Centrifugal Force
Manufacturer:OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH
Type:Otec eco 1×5

The Otec eco with a cup diameter of 200 mm was equipped with a peristaltic pump to enable the compound can be used in the circuit. Further characteristics are the high removal rate and the adjustable speed. The device is suitable for processing smaller work pieces made of the most varied materials.

Barrel Finishing Device using Vibration
Manufacturer:Lyman Products Corp. USA
Type:Turbo Twin

The machine, with a cup diameter of 230 mm, is suitable for gentle wet or dry grinding, drying and polishing of smaller work pieces. In the laboratory test, the loading of chips, compound and work pieces is performed discontinuously.

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