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TERA Ohmmeter

The TERA ohmmeter TOM 600 works according to the current voltage measurement method.
In order to adapt to defined standards (IEC, EN, DIN, VDE, etc.), the prescribed measurement time can be set using an internal timer. The measuring voltage is manually adjustable or can be switched automatically with the measured value. The internal memory for a maximum of 99 measured values can be read out with the included software for Excel via the serial RS232 interface. This program also enables a complete presetting of all required parameters.

Range of Application:

  • Measurement of resistances in the ESD area (leakage resistances)
  • Surface and volume resistances of conductive foils and packaging material
  • Surface, volume and earth leakage resistances of, e.g. floor coverings and ESD table coverings
  • Conductivity of everyday objects and work equipment in ESD areas
  • Checking ESD workplaces and their earthing measures
  • Determining the conductivity of ESD work clothing, seat covers or other textiles

Measuring Range:
•  10 kΩ to 2 TΩ
•  (104 to 1012 Ω)
•  Tolerance: ±1 × 10n

Measuring Voltages:
•  < 200 kΩ =   10 V
•  > 200 kΩ = 100 V

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TOM 600

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