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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Cross Cutting Test

In order to determine the quality of single and multilayer varnishes as well as similar coatings on substrates, cross cutting tests besides scratch and scribing tools are used to assess the adhesive strength of coatings. A cross cutting set consists of a master-paint-plate, an optical clear adhesive tape, a scoring sheet and a cutter. The coating is scored crosswise with six parallel cuts each. The cutting distance depends on the thickness of the coating and the substrate material.

Consequently, the coating is divided into chessboard-like segments. Afterwards, an adhesive tape is attached to the scored area, pressed on and removed again. The percentage of the removed and/or broken segments is to be determined visually and a cross cutting characteristic value is to be assigned to this appearance in accordance with the specified limit values.

Testing are carried out according to DIN EN ISO 2409.

The master-paint-plate can also be used for the production of wedge-shaped coatings, as a leveling doctor blade for investigating the flowing properties and for testing the wet film layer thickness.

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