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Grind Gages (Grindometer)

The granularity of varnishes or paste is determined with a grindo­meter. The device itself is made of stainless steel.
A sample is applied to the deepest end of the wedge-shaped recess of the grindometer and spread out with a stainless steel squeegee. When particles or agglomerates of the sample exceed the depth of the web, these leave behind grinding marks, i.e. the flow is interrupted. Based on this disruption, the grain fineness can be determined visually using the scales of the grindometer from zero to 50 µm or in Hegmann values from 4 to 8. As higher the Hegmann number is, so smaller are the particles.

Thus, the sample's degree of dispersion in micrometers or Hegmann values is determined using a Grindometer.

Advantage of the Method:

  • Less sample material required
  • Quick measurement
  • Grain fineness can be determined during the dispersion process or grinding process


Testing Standard:



Application Examples:

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