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Pneumatic Hot-Melt Dispenser

For application of hot-melts compounds, so called hot-melt guns or dispenser are often used.
The pneumatic gun TR 70 has a compressed air connection (operating pressure from 0.5 to 6 bar) to dispense the heated adhesive in strip (width: 1.5 cm), spot or bead in a targeted manner. The hot-glue gun is suitable for the application of reactive hot-melt adhesives.


Device Configuration

  • Volume of the adhesive cartridges: 310 ml
  • Temperature: adjustable from 50 to 210 °C
  • Heating time: 3 to 10 min
  • Temperature precision: ±2 K
  • Operating pressure: 0.5 to 6 bar
  • Nozzles:
    • Round nozzle:  ⇒ spot & bead application
    • Slotted nozzle:  1.5 cm width ⇒ stripe application
  • Suitable for reactive hot-melt adhesives
  • Processing viscosity: 2 to 15 Pa·s

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Pistole TR 70

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