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Hot-Melt Adhesives

Hot-melt adhesives can be converted into the liquid state by heating and applied to the substrate surfaces to be bonded using appropriate techniques. During cooling, the adhesive bond is consolidated.

Due to the special processing properties of hot-melt adhesives, these products have already become firmly established in various manufacturing processes. These are usually processes, in which it is important to avoid harmful emissions or monomeric adhesive residues and moderate adhesive strengths are sufficient. This is the case, e.g., in the packaging industry or in the interior design of vehicles or when materials are processed that are sensitive to liquid components, such as paper products, leather or special textiles.

The limiting factor of common hot-melt adhesives is their thermal deformability. By developing types with latent reactive properties, the field of application of hot-melts can be extended to uses where resistance to higher thermal loads is required.

One focus of our work on the application of adhesives, primer and adhesive agents is the development and investigation of crosslinkable adhesive agent systems for thermal bonding processes (injection molding, pressing, extrusion) by specific modification of hot-melt polymers. The equipment necessary for compounding, shaping and application of hot-melts is available.

Using our in-house laboratory compounder with downstream equipment, hot-melt adhesives can be produced as thin strands, granulates and films in various thicknesses. By means of integrated side-strand dosing units, both solid substances such as pigments, powders or fiber fillers and liquid components (e.g. flexibilizers, reactive resins) can be mixed with the adhesive.

We support you in determining the optimum parameters for the use of hot-melt adhesives and are at your disposal for the development or modification of adhesives according to customer-specific requirements.

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