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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Primer & Adhesive Agents for
Compounding Process & Extrusion

For the controlled adjustment of plastic properties a compounding, i.e. a homogeneous mixing of commercial or self-developed additives, can be carried out.

The development of possibilities for adding adhesion-improving additives to polymers is increasingly interesting for the production of adhesive composites. Therefore, we have expanded our fields of activity and created the necessary technical and plant engineering prerequisites to develop our own formulations for compounds and to produce as well as test the corresponding extrudates in the form of films, strands or granules ourselves. In addition to adhesion promoters, solid or liquid additives such as hardeners, short fibres, binders or colouring agents can also be added.

For such compounds, we use a commercial twin-srew compounder equipped with variable side-strand feeders as a pilot plant. This enables us to develop and test extensive possibilities for mixing in liquid and solid additives.

⇒ Further details on the technical equipment for plastics processing can be found here.

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Dr. Joerg Leuthaeusser

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Primer and Chemical Surface Treatment

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