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Primer & Chemical Surface Treatment

Primer & Adhesive Agents for
Plastic-Hybrid-Composite Combination

In the production of plastic-hybrid composites by injection molding, hot pressing or composite extrusion, adhesive agents are increasingly required to bond materials together with sufficient strength. This plays a special role in the introduction of new material combinations for lightweight variations.
Many plastics show little or no adhesion to other materials. The use of adhesives or sealants becomes necessary if a form-fit bond is not possible or if the requirements cannot been met with this connection. The development and characterization of adhesives and sealant systems for composite components made of plastics with substrates of metal, plastic or glass is a core competence of our work.
The focus is on the development of practical variants for the pretreatment of inserts in dialogue with potential users.
The combination of surface engineering know-how with the possibility of the practical production of composite parts forms the basis of our work.

Our Fields of Work are in particular:

  • Formulation and testing of bonding agents (primers, adhesion promoters) according to the respective task (material system as well as requirements from application and production)
  • Formulation and testing of adhesives and sealants, leak testing according to the respective task
  • Characterization of application relevant composite properties
  • Investigations on bond strength, resistance and shelf life for adhesive formulations and composites (climate test, climate shock test, media resistance, storage conditions)

For the production of the test specimens and prototypes, the existing technical equipment is applied depending on the task:
Injection molding machine (Boy 22 M VV)
Plate press (Rucks GmbH, nominal press force 316 kN, heating temperature max. 450 °C)
Compounder (Dr. Collin GmbH, twin-shaft kneader ZK 16 E x 36)
-  As well as relevant testing and analysis technology

By means of temperable tools, sample composites can be prepared for peel and tensile strength tests. The production of parts according to customer specifications is also principally possible, provided that a suitable tool is available.

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Dr. Joerg Leuthaeusser

Head of Department
Primer and Chemical Surface Treatment

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